Finding a Safe Place for Kids to Play

"I was amazed. They get to socialize; they get to do artwork. They do story time. Today we had drums, and she gets to play outside which is the best part. There’s not many other options like this." - Maria Peña, Parent

A Place to Play, Learn & Grow

Lotus Bloom Child & Family Resource Center

Welcome to Lotus Bloom, a child and family resource center located in Oakland, CA. We welcome families with children 0-5 years old to join our programs. Lotus Bloom has daily playgroups at seven sites throughout Oakland. Please visit our on-site programs located at 2000 and 2008 Park Blvd and off-site programs at Garfield Elementary School, Rainbow Recreation Center, Carmen Flores, and Mosswood Park, Youth Uprising/Castlemont. You and your child(ren) are welcome to enjoy our cozy space, warm staff, and collection of art, toys, and games. The daily schedule includes free play, art activities, circle time, a light snack, and physical activities. Lotus Bloom is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and we gladly accept donations to help keep our programs operating.

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