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Child & Family Resource Center


Lotus Bloom is a multicultural organization that develops and provides innovative programs for inner-city children, youth and families. Through our creative programming, we seek to empower individuals to realize their full potential and transcend their dreams into reality. We provide arts, crafts, music, and literacy activities to help promote language development and early learning experiences. We are dedicated to working with diverse populations and seek to connect people of different backgrounds to work collaboratively.


Founded in 2006, Lotus Bloom operated in shared space and under the fiscal sponsorship with Oakland Ready to Learn. Today, Lotus Bloom is an independent 501(c)(3) in a new location, operating with an all-volunteer Board of Directors and small part-time staff. Our centers serve over 400 families per year by offering early childhood programs, playgroups, literacy activities, and art programs at 4 different sites in 3 high need neighborhoods throughout Oakland.